Discover the hobbit hole, made from Yorkshire dry stone wall and 200 year old oak beams sourced from a Yorkshire farm house. Inside find a quaint library with twisted beams, a cosy rag rug and piles of books.


Explore the amazing treehouse and slide, carved from a giant redwood tree by a chainsaw artist. Designed by the children to represent Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree, there is a ladder through the clouds and twinkly stars in the sky. Climb the tree and sink into the snuggly rug in Moonface’s house, before whizzing down the slide on crocheted cushions.


Glimpse a myriad of carved owls; swan taps by the salvaged stone trough; the heart of the redwood as a high top table; old French boule in the hobbit-inspired kitchen; hundreds of logs and sticks in the entrance wall; a Narnia-inspired lamp post; and the jungle plants by windows overlooking Hobbiton. Logs and glass make up one wall; a massive tree mural another; and whimsical clouds float through the sky. Enjoy the detail and artistry throughout the World of Wonder, created by so many amazing, creative people!