Dress up as Gandalf, Bilbo Baggins, Frodo, Elf Tauriel, Legolas, Arwen, Aragorn, or Eowyn and be photographed in front of the hobbit hole or treehouse.

Deluxe adult costumes and changing area provided.


Wow your friends on FB, Instagram and twitter with photos outside a genuine hobbit hole.


This hobbit hole has been created using 200 year old oak beams and ancient dry stone walling. No need to travel to New Zealand, enter Hobbiton here in Hull for an amazing experience!


Got time to spare? After photographs, why not enjoy a snowball fight in the bounce room, discover the Faraway Tree and slippery slip, or try out the mindfulness colouring in the Eskimo booth?  You can even stay and build “An Unexpected Gathering” from Lego with the dwarves, hobbit hole and Gandalf.


All proceeds to charity - supporting children and young people in Hull.