Tickets have now all gone for the "Lost Message of Jesus" for 2017.

Please do consider coming along to our Live Nativity on Christmas Eve at 11am. Yes real donkeys and sheep!


“You can see why those Christians love telling the Christmas story. It’s a great sell. After all, who can resist a newborn baby?”

The sleeping baby has become a symbol of the status quo – a safe sanitised, 21st Century saviour. Yet the Christmas story is a radical message from the most challenging and controversial figure of all human history.

Come and experience the world-changing event, set in the shadow of the two great powers of King Herod and Emperor Augustus.

Discover the threat of revolution, the political and religious upheaval, and the good news that the doors of God's Kingdom were thrown wide open to the world.

Explore scenes from Rome, Bethlehem, and a Galilean hillside.Touch and experience gold, frankincense and myrrh. Try out the new World of Wonder music lounge. Dress up as Roman citizens, or become part of the nativity story.

With favourites from last years' winter wonderland – snow-filled bounce room with 1,000 snowballs, Mr Snowman, tinsel, and treasure hunts (but no Santa’s grotto or elves this year).


Tickets are free this year - this is our gift to the community this Christmas.

With our love from Hull Community Church